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Are the Police Really Being Vilified by the Media or Does Some of the Blame Fall on Their Shoulders?

police brutality, police shootingsRecently Ed Davis was on Fox News to talk about the Trump administration and its approach to supporting the police in this country.

One of Davis’ talking points parrots the idea that is being promoted by certain groups of police that the media has vilified them. The claim is that this vilification has made police work inherently more dangerous as it has led to an overall distrust of police by the average citizen.

In the clip, Davis states, “the police are being blamed for everything.” This is such an ignorant and meaningless statement.  The real issue is the numerous shootings and mistreatment of citizens. In some cases the suspect is an unarmed citizen who mildly resists or is mildly combative and in some cases the person killed or abused is completely innocent of any wrongdoing. These incidents are depicted by the news media through the broadcasting of iPhone witness video, police dashcam video, and officer’s individual body cameras. These videos speak for themselves.

Any casual observer who holds no political agenda can clearly see unacceptable police conduct. There is no vilification, but there is police misconduct and incompetence that is clearly present when viewing these videos.  What compounds these documented brutalities are the law enforcements institutes and administrations that justify these officer’s conduct by issuing statements that their acts fall under proper procedures and policy.

One of the flimsiest of these policies is that if an officer states, “I feared for my life,” then any deadly force he or she uses is justified under the law. This seems to be the catch-all justification for killing people.

This is the true issue – the protection and sanctioning of bad police conduct by the administration. In some cases, agencies will pay out millions of dollars of taxpayer’s money but never admit fault and retain the dirty cops. This is what manifests the fear and mistrust of police. The true issues will never be dealt with; no one can even speak the truth of what is going on.

“The police are blamed for everything.” -Ed Davis

Ed Davis

No, they are not.

The police are blamed for killing and brutalizing innocent people in well-documented incidents. The media coverage does not contribute to the mistrust of the police. The blame belongs squarely on the shoulders of the men and women in the police force who are corrupt and incompetent as well as the administrations that protect them.

Moreover, these issues can never truly be addressed when the media chooses to elevate corrupt cops to hero status and utilize them to voice their opinion to the public.  To showcase Ed Davis and present his status as an expert on such issues is disgraceful.  His personal past history of utilizing corruption, perjury, racism, and lying to advance his career make him a huge part of the problem.

In this clip, Davis also states, “Police are in a crisis of truth.” Yes they are, because of people like you.

He adds, “(police) must have a strong stance on impartiality and justice.” The hypocrisy of this statement coming from his mouth is staggering.  For Fox to present Ed Davis as a spokesperson for law enforcement is the ultimate in “fake news.”

In my book, American Badge Betrayed, I provide numerous examples of the inner workings of the police force in Lowell, Massachusetts under Chief Davis, which led to extensive corruption and the retaining of incompetent officers. These dirty cops all continue to go unpunished and to be promoted.  Good police work was not rewarded, but a willingness to break the law by doing things like using dirty informants or manipulating witnesses was.

ThAmerican Badge Betrayed, police misconduct and corruptione rise in police brutality and shootings in America today can and should be directly attributed to the departments that are run like the Lowell Police Department was under Ed Davis and those who have come after him. One only has to watch the video in this post comparing the different ways that police from two departments react to a suspect who is complying with their orders for it to become clear that the problem is not with the media, but individuals and poorly run departments.

If you are interested in learning more about how a corrupt police department is run, my book, American Badge Betrayed will clearly open your eyes to the truth. The book addresses my experience as a police officer in Lowell and my position is authenticated utilizing police and court documentation to provide an explanation for the rise in police misconduct today.

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