The Reason for the Resignation of Ed Davis, Boston Police Commissioner

In March 2013 the Boston Globe ran a story detailing the reasons why a minority officer's group named MAMLEO believed that Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis should resign. A few months later, in August 2013, the case of Alvarez vs. Lowell had finally come to a close after 11 years. The City of Lowell had to pay $642,000 to Alvarez, and at this point the City and Davis could no longer deny the facts of Davis' misconduct. A copy of the appeals court finding was sent to MAMLEO and shortly thereafter, it posted on the Boston Police Supervisor's Federation website, providing evidence of the type of man Ed Davis is to over 2000 police officers, along with the public.

Several news organizations were contacted to run the story, including the Boston Globe, The Herald, and WBZ TV Ch. 4 (where Davis now works) and they all refused. Davis had been portrayed as the hero of the Boston Marathon bombing, and no one wanted to damage that false image. A number of writers working for the Boston Globe had actually signed a book deal about the Boston bombing at the time, so they had even more to lose by airing the truth about Davis' misconduct.

The Alvarez lawsuit drew the attention of the Jimmy Myers Radio talk show at TOUCH 106.1 FM, when the topic of the show centered around the Boston mayoral election. One of the key talking points of the candidates at the time was whether or not they would support Davis as a leader and if they wanted him to continue in his post as Boston Police Chief in the future. Alvarez and his attorney, Marisa Campagna, spoke on the show a number of times over the course of a week.

As news of Davis' perjury spread, a group called Community United Political Action Committee (CUPAC) set up a community forum to discuss his misconduct in light of the current discrimination of the Boston Police Department. On September 20, 2013 they invited Alvarez to act as a key speaker and present the facts of his experience with Davis' corruption first hand through his time working with the Lowell Police Force. Davis was also invited but failed to respond or show up.

On September 22, 2013; a mere two days after the CUPAC forum, Ed Davis unexpectedly announced his resignation as the Police Commissioner of Boston.

Ed Davis will soon be portrayed in the movie Patriot's Day, which means major news organizations stand to lose even more by exposing the truth. The articles and videos on this site will irrefutably expose the misconduct and lying that characterized the career of Ed Davis as he moved up the ranks in Lowell and then to Boston as the police commissioner. Additionally, this site will expose the systematic dysfunction in law enforcement that allows for a man such as Edward Davis to rise in the ranks of law enforcement to one of the highest positions available within that field in America today.

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